We make furniture that is made to last, and have carefully created a durable wooden structure for all our pieces. But we know that colour preferences might change and that upholstery wears throughout the years. For this reason several of our products have the option of changing the top piece adding a fresh feeling to your space. We think this way of thinking is important – not to dispose of everything. In Japan we express this notion through ‘mottainai’. This way our furniture is both sustainable and playfully changeable. We have carefully selected colours with you in mind, but should you not find what you are looking for, we have the possibility to customise.

Craftsmanship that feels personal

From sketch to finished product we are meticulous. We have an analog approach to designing and all features are carefully considered with the user in mind. We want you to love the furniture pieces as much as we do. The wood features are carefully created, polished and shape using a blend of modern technology and human hands, and the upholstering is something you can only do by hand.

We like to think that this combination adds the warm touch of the creators. Even if the furniture pieces look the same they are unique. Good relations are integral to what we do, so from placing your order until it is with you, we like to stay in touch. Good things take time.

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"In Denmark there is a gravitation towards neutral colours while the Japanese colour palette provides more presence. By mixing the two, we get furniture that radiates warmth and playfulness."

– Aya Okamura, Founder of Olive Concept