"We believe that The Danish and Japanese design-link lies not only in the aesthetics."

Despite being on the opposite side of the world Denmark and Japan have a clear common thread in design styles. The very essence of their design philosophy is centred around profound respect for craftsmanship and consideration for the materials . While bringing their stories into the present with new technologies and collaborative ideas they make the 8,711 plane kilometres shrink.

The cross-cultural values as we see it – lies in the nurturing of relationships and respect for the process of creating something good together. This is reflected not only in our furnitures’ refinement and simple and honest design, but also in their durability. We make furniture that are made to last and be used over a lifetime and passed on.

"The cross-cultural values as we see it – lies in the nurturing of relationships, and the process of creating something good together."

– Aya Okamura, Founder of Olive Concept

Our furniture pieces are born from the idea of feeling warm familiarity, refreshment and playful at the same time. With its simple design it will fit right in as if it was always there. We added small details that subtly hint towards Japanese attention to detail, and leave the opportunity for adding a personal touch, such as upholstery colour, up to you.

Slow craft meets modern needs

Each piece is created with your everyday life in mind and we are meticulous. O&M Design draw all design sketches by hand and make prototypes to test them in real life.

Olive Concept is a small business, but we are conscious of waste that often follows mass production. In Japanese we regard this as mottainai, a pity, and therefore it is important to Olive Concept to utilise materials in a mindful way and reflect this idea in our designs.

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