Olive Barstool is designed with a Danish-Japanese mind-set. Our concept is to create a functional design that combines a solid wooden structure and a soft upholstered round seat. The seat can be changed with one click, which makes the barstool fun, flexible, and sustainable in terms of usability and the process of creation.

Olive Barstool combines craftsmanship and a modern approach to creative collaboration. The product is based on local materials and manufactured by Indretningsfabrikken in Jutland, Denmark.  You will find Olive Barstool in our showrooms in Copenhagen. We sell to private customers as well as to businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, bars, architects, and offices. Have a look on our collection or order your custom-made version.

“Olive Barstool’(オリーブ・バー・スツール)は日本とデンマークをつなぐプロジェクトです。’心地の良さ”をデザインしたバー・スツールは、良質な木製の脚と、丸くて柔らかいシートが特徴です。ワンクリックで取り外せるシートはオーダーメイド感覚で張り替える事ができます。良質なものを長く使う喜びと、自分の好みに合わせて着せ替えできる”Olive Barstool”を楽しみください。

“Olive Barstool”はデンマークのマテリアルを使用。国内のプロダクションで生産されています。コペンハーゲンのショールームから一般販売を行うほか、ホテル、レストラン、オープンオフィス、バーなど、コントラクト市場に向けての販売を行っております。

Next order deadline: 31. March 2022

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The Olive barstool is made by solid oak and the upholstered seat can be changed with a simple tool. The design makes Olive sustainable and long lasting. You can keep the legs for many years, and yet update its appearance by changing the seat.


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O&M Design is established in 1973 in Copenhagen by the Danish-Japanese duo Takashi Okamura & Erik Marquardsen. The studio works with a broad range of international brands. Their designs are made for private and public use, including laces such as The Royal Theater in Copenhagen, Billund  Airport, and Vejle Opera House.

O&M Designは1973年にデンマーク、コペンハーゲンに設立。デザイナー 岡村 孝 & Erik Marquardsen(エリック・マクワードセン)はこれまでに国内外のメーカーと数多くのデザインコンセプトをグローバルに発信してきました。常に機能的で商品性の高いデザインを提案、O&MDESIGNはこれからも日本とデンマークに共通するシンプルで良質なデザインを発信して行きます。

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Olive Barstool Project Collaborators

The project has been developed through a Danish-Japanese creative team.

Photo: Yuta Sawamura Photography // Web: Brand Rocket // Prototype: Next Education Copenhagen // Marketing: Indretningsfabrikken

写真: Yuta Sawamura Photography // ウェブサイト: Brand Rocket // プロトタイプ: Next Education Copenhagen // マーケティング: Indretningsfabrikken

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From our base in Copenhagen we help companies to understand the Japanese culture, business, and mindset. At ayanomimi, we think and act, Danish and Japanese in everything we do.


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