Olive Barstool Movie

Design roots as deep as an olive tree

Aya Okamura was born and raised in Copenhagen. Her father’s wish to become a designer made him travel halfway around the world and settled down in Denmark with his wife many decades ago. The creative world and the passion that goes into creating something never seen before inspired her and an idea started to form.

It takes time and care for a tree – an idea – to bear fruit and this was also the case with Olive. In 2017 the idea bloomed and came to life with Olive barstool’s launch. Now the Olive family is growing and new products are adding their own modern twist to what we understand as Danish and Japanese design.

The team that makes Olive Concept

Aya Okamura straddles the globe by having a foot solidly planted in each camp. This gives her a unique cultural insight –  an insight that is reflected not only in her approach to creating and designing furniture with warmth and care, but also in her design team and choice of manufacturer. As the founder and managing director of Olive Concept, her academic background and business know-how connects Olive Concept’s designs to modern consumer needs.

For her creating something meaningful is about the journey as much as the finished product and selecting the perfect team. O&M Design has 45 years of design experience, but also express the deep link in design affinity through their nationalities which translates into beautiful designs.

O&M Design - Takashi Okamura & Erik Marquardsen

Established in 1973. Works with a broad range of international brands. Their designs are made for private and public use, including places such as The Royal Theater in Copenhagen, Billund  Airport, and Vejle Opera House.

Another important consideration is placed in the manufacturing process. All the products have to be MADE IN DENMARK where she lives. Using local materials and removing the middleman makes for closer relations and more control of the design process. The perfect match was found in the manufacturer in Jutland.

Together, this tightly knit team designs furniture built on good communication, as well as mutual trust, and from their careful thinking and inspired collaboration comes the best ideas and products. 

"The reason why I love Olive Concept’s design so much is that it has come to life on the drawing table of a Danish-Japanese team with a long history. I feel very privileged and honoured for being able to create with them. Together we strive to design furniture that leaves a warmth of traditions and new beginnings."

– Aya Okamura, Founder of Olive Concept